Book Book Title Author Cat Genre
229 20 Missionary Stories Miller, Basil B Missionary Stories
975 90 Minutes in Heaven Piper, Don B Autobiography
867 Accidental Missionaries, The Ohrt, Wallace B Missionary Stories
4 Acorn People, The Jones, Ron B Autobiography
3074 Across China (Jenkins 4) Jenkins, Peter B Autobiography
322 Adventures for God Hall, Clarence W. B Missionary Stories
629 Aflame for God Woodward, David B. B Missionary Stories
842 Amazing Faith Richardson, Michael B
1059 Amy Carmichael: Rescuer Benge, Janet & Geoff B
1037 And I, Francis Dunlap, Lauren Glen B
325 And There I'd Be Willing to Die Heard, Troy B Autobiography
326 Answers to Prayer Brooks, A.E.C. B Missionary Stories
329 Before We Kill and Eat You Garlock, H.B. B Missionary Stories
15 Betrayed Telchin, Stan B
62 Billy Wirt, Sherwood E. B
547 Blind Courage Irwin, Bill B Autobiography
832 Bob Pierce: This One Thing I Do Graham, Franklin B Missionary Stories
19 Booth, General Evangeline Wilson, Philip W. B
21 Born to Climb Hillis, Dick B Missionary Stories
92 Boy's War, A Mitchell, David B Autobiography
22 Braille, Louis Davidson, Margaret B
336 Brave Heart Parker, Lois M. B
23 Bright Promise Dyer, Donita B
636 Brother Beloved, A Arnold, Francena B
338 Burden Is Light, The Price, Eugenia B Autobiography
6141 But Not Forsaken Brenneman, Helen Good B Missionary Stories
582 By Their Blood Hefley, James & Marti B
995 C. S. Lewis: Master Storyteller Benge, Janet & Geoff B
340 Called to Die Estes, Steve B
1026 Cameron Townsend Benge, Janet & Geoff B Missionary Stories
277 Carey, William Miller, Basil B Missionary Stories
882 Carmichael, Amy Benge, Janet & Geoff B Missionary Stories
602 Charles Wesley and His Colleagues Flint, Charles Wesley B
342 China Call Bolton, Leonard B Missionary Stories
343 China Cry Lam, Nora B Missionary Stories
31 Choices - Changes Tada, Joni Eareckson B Autobiography
988 Choosing to See, A Journey of Chapman, Mary Beth B Autobiography
349 Christ's Witch Doctor Dowdy, Homer E. B Missionary Stories
350 Christy Lane - One Day at a Time Stoller, Lee B
1012 Clara Barton: Courage Under Fire Benge, Janet & Geoff B Missionary Stories
977 Climbing by Faith Not by Sight Daugherty, Leanna B Autobiography
357 Compassionate Touch, The Wead, Douglas B Missionary Stories
358 Coral in the Sand Bull, Geoffrey T. B Missionary Stories
1053 Corrie ten Boom: Keeper Benge, Janet & Geoff B
37 Cross and the Scalpel, The Hefley, James C. B Missionary Stories
3311 Cross and the Switchblade Wilkerson, David B Missionary Stories
362 Cry, the Beloved Country Paton, Alan B
40 Dakar - Diplomat in Bangladesh Olsen, MD, Viggo B
640 Damien the Leper Farrow, John B Missionary Stories
365 Dear Mom Brown, Joyce B Missionary Stories
366 Defeat of the Bird God Wagner, C. Peter B Missionary Stories
1028 Dietrich Bonhoeffer: In the Midst of Wickedness Benge, Janet & Geoff B Missionary Stories
98 Door of Hope Frank, Jan B Autobiography
417 Dr. James Kennedy - The Man Williams, Ph.D., Herbert Lee B
310 Dream Big Roe, Earl O. (editor) B
370 Eckerd Eckerd, Jock B Autobiography
911 Elisabeth Elliot: Joyful Surrender Benge, Janet & Geoff B Missionary Stories
1057 Eric Liddell: Something Greater Benge, Janet & Geoff B
6205 Escape from Rage Chapin, Marie B
596 Fanny Crosby Dengler, Sandy B Autobiography
6206 Father Does Know Best Chapin, Lauren B Autobiography
3261 Father ten Boom: God's Man (ten Boom 1) ten Boom, Corrie B
643 Footsteps for Freedom Keidel, Jr., Levi O. B Missionary Stories
1030 Francis Miracle, The Allen, John L.  B
36 George Mueller: Young Rebel in Bristol Bailey, Faith B
1099 George Muller: The Guardian of Bristol's Orphans Benge, Janet & Geoff B Missionary Stories
1056 George Washington: True Patriot Benge, Janet & Geoff B
6190 Gifted Hands Carson, MD, Ben B Autobiography
1058 Gladys Aylward: Lifetime Benge, Janet & Geoff B
876 God I Love, The Tada, Joni Eareckson B Autobiography
384 God in the Hard Times Rogers, Dale Evans  B Autobiography
809 God of Second Chances, The Arterburn, Stephen B Autobiography
982 God Planted Five Seeds Johnson, Jean Dye B Missionary Stories
386 God's City in the Jungle Rossi, Sanna Barlow B Missionary Stories
647 God's Fire on Ice Gordon, Kay B Missionary Stories
254 God's Got Your Number Gaub, Ken B Autobiography
76 Granny Brand Wilson, Dorothy Clark B Missionary Stories
895 Greene, Billy Benge, Janet & Geoff B Missionary Stories
1016 Grief Observed, A Lewis, C.S. B Autobiography
3312 Gutter and the Ghetto, The Wilkerson, Don B Missionary Stories
280 Having Our Say Delany, Sarah L./A. Elizabeth B Autobiography
875 Hearing Heart Hurnard, Hannah B Autobiography
6163 Help! I'm a Pastor's Wife Buckingham, Michele B
398 Here I Stand - A Life of Martin Luther Bainton, Roland H. B
3263 Hiding Place, The (ten Boom 3) ten Boom, Corrie B Autobiography
847 High Calling Husband, Evelyn B
400 Hobo on the Way to Heaven Linkletter, Art B Autobiography
405 I Ain't Comin' Back Weary, Dolphus B Autobiography
991 I Grew Up Little Clairmont, Patsy B Autobiography
412 I Will Be Called John Elliott, Lawrence B
413 I Wish I Could Say I Love You Canfield, Muriel B
407 I'm Gonna Fly Johnson, Lois Phelps B
877 Immigrant Girl (A Memoir) Ohrt, Sigfrid Eidsness B
3262 In My Father's House (ten Boom 2) ten Boom, Corrie B Autobiography
594 In Step with God Cook, Robert A. B Autobiography
411 In the Vineyard of the Lord Rice, Helen Steiner B Autobiography
6162 Into the Glory Buckingham, Jamie B Missionary Stories
1025 Isobel Kuhn Benge, Janet & Geoff B Missionary Stories
915 It's My Turn Graham, Ruth Bell B Autobiography
307 Jim Elliot: Missionary to Ecuador Miller, Susan Marins B Missionary Stories
1055 John Adams: Independence Benge, Janet & Geoff B
998 Jonathan Goforth: An Open Door Benge, Janet & Geoff B Missionary Stories
416 Jungle Pilot, The Life and Witness of Nate Saint Hitt, Russell T. B Missionary Stories
620 Just As I Am Graham, Billy B Autobiography
703 Legacy of a Pack Rat Graham, Ruth Bell B Autobiography
294 Light in My Darkest Night Marshall, Catherine B Autobiography
1004 Lillian Thrasher: The Greatest Wonder in Egypt Benge, Janet & Geoff B Missionary Stories
132 Livingstone, David Miller, Basil B Missionary Stories
6002 Man Called Norman, A Adkins, Mike B
561 Man Called Peter, A Marshall, Catherine B
849 Man in Black, The Cash, Johnny B
140 Man's Stature, A Viscardi, Jr., Henry B Autobiography
659 Marsden of Alaska Beattie, William Gilbert B Missionary Stories
268 Martin Luther: Hero of Faith Nohl, Frederick B
660 Maya Mission Dame, Lawrence B Missionary Stories
144 Meeting God at Every Turn Marshall, Catherine B Autobiography
437 Michael, Michael, Why Do You Hate Me Esses, Michael B Autobiography
147 Monganga Paul Carlson, Lois B Missionary Stories
792 Mother Teresa, the Early Years Porter, David B Biography
151 My Arabian Days and Nights Calverley, MD, Eleanor T. B Autobiography
1036 My Descent into Death Storm, Howard B Autobiography
152 My Glimpse of Eternity Malz, Betty B Autobiography
271 North of Heaven Rodli, Agnes B Missionary Stories
161 Nostalgic Almanac, A Hong, Edna B Autobiography
3265 Not Good If Detached (ten Boom 5) ten Boom, Corrie B Autobiography
448 On the Waters of the World Flood, Robert G. B
446 Once Caught, No Escape Grubb, Norman B Autobiography
6210 One of the Lucky Ones Ching, Lucy B Autobiography
163 One Witness Hurst, Aggie B Autobiography
721 Out of the Ashes Bishop, Carl B Autobiography
276 Passion for the Impossible Lyall, Leslie T. B Missionary Stories
3266 Plenty for Everyone (ten Boom 6) ten Boom, Corrie B
180 Preacher Had ten Kids, The Bradsher, Frances B Autobiography
3264 Prisoner and Yet, A (ten Boom 4) ten Boom, Corrie B Autobiography
623 Prophet with Honor, A Martin, William B
6140 Rahab Bremkamp, Gloria B
855 Remember I Love You Shedd, Charlie W. B
986 Rise and Walk: The Trial & Triumph of Dennis Byrd Byrd, Dennis B Audiobiography
873 Road to Atonomy, The Beaton, Mary Jean B
3073 Road Unseen, The (Jenkins 3) Jenkins, Peter & Barbara B Autobiography
1054 Ronald Reagan: Destiny at His Side Benge, Janet & Geoff B
6224 Rush Limbaugh Story, The Colford, Paul B
3204 Savage: My Kinsman, The (Elliot 4) Elliot, Elisabeth B Missionary Stories
870 Search, The Simcox, Lorna B Autobiography
3202 Shadow of the Almighty (Elliot 2) Elliot, Elisabeth B Missionary Stories
989 Slivers from the Cross Hill, Brad B Missionary Stories
799 Soaring on Broken Wings Bartalsky, Kathy B Autobiography
199 Something More Marshall, Catherine B Autobiography
278 Sometimes Mountains Move Koop, C. Everett & Elizabeth B Autobiography
985 Soul Graft Hill, Brad B Missionary Stories
822 Soul Survivor Yancey, Phillip B Autobiography
526 Still Waters Keller, W. Phillip B Autobiography
301 Stories for the Heart various authors B Short Stories
733 Stronger Than Steel: The Wayne Alderman Story Sproul, R.C. B
6164 Summer of Miracles Buckingham, Jamie B
6176 Surgeon of Hope Byron, MD, Ralph B Autobiography
484 Surprised by Joy Lewis, C.S. B Autobiography
288 Teacher Who Couldn't Read, The Corcoran, John B Autobiography
305 Tell It On The Mountain Lasky, William B Autobiography
6313 Tell Them I Am Coming Eby, Richard B Autobiography
210 Ten Famous Evangelists Miller, Basil B
211 Ten Famous Missionaries Miller, Basil B Missionary Stories
490 ten Fingers for God Wilson, Dorothy Clark B Missionary Stories
129 Teresa of Calcutta Watson, D. Jeanene B
303 Thee Patience Parker, Lois M. B
311 Their Light Still Shines Sotnak, Lewann B Short Stories
3201 These Strange Ashes (Elliot 1) Elliot, Elisabeth B Missionary Stories
6310 Through the Fire without Burning Duduman, Dumitru B Autobiography
3203 Through the Gates of Splendor (Elliot 3) Elliot, Elisabeth B Missionary Stories
538 To Live Again Marshall, Catherine B Autobiography
220 To Me It's Wonderful Waters, Ethel B Autobiography
7094 Too Tough to Cry Powers, Paul B Autobiography
6303 Touch Me If You Dare Donadio, Patrick B
805 Tragedy to Triumph Nygaard, Reuel B Autobiography
3267 Tramp for the Lord (ten Boom 7) ten Boom, Corrie B Autobiography
890 Unlikely Angel Smith, Ashley B Autobiography
6777 Valley and the World, The Bailey, Faith Cox B
1034 Vow, The Carpenter. Kim & Krickitt B Autobiography
3071 Walk Across America, A (Jenkins 1) Jenkins, Peter B Autobiography
3072 Walk West, The (Jenkins 2) Jenkins, Peter B Autobiography
6267 Where the Wind Begins D"Arcy, Paula B Autobiography
509 Widow's Might, The Crawford, Rachel B. B Autobiography
690 Woman at the Well, The Rogers, Dale Evans  B Autobiography
242 Words Wanted Pike, Eunice V. B Autobiography
510 John Williams Ellis, Rev. J. Missionary Stories
246 Lena Jensen, Margaret Biography
6135 So Long, Joey Boyer, Dave
5044 Alice in Wonderland Slater, Teddy C Early reader
5002 Animals' Christmas Eve, The Wiersum, Gale C Early reader
5009 Because Your Daddy Loves You Clements, Andrew C Preschool/Early reader
5050 Bible Time Nursery Rhyme Book Hunter, Emily C Early reader
5005 Bread and Jam for Frances Hoban, Russell C Preschool/Early reader
5028 Close Your Eyes So You Can See Card, Michael C Early reader
5037 Everybody, Shout Hallelujah! Murphy, Elspeth Campbell C Early reader
5023 God Cares When I Am Grouchy Murphy, Elspeth Campbell C Early reader
5024 God's Names Michael, Sally C Tweens
5001 Heaven Is Having You Andreae, Giles C Early reader
5027 Hidden Garden, The Meyer, Jane G.  C Early reader
5019 If Jesus Lived Inside My Heart Lord, Jill Roman C Preschool
5031 I'm Listening, God Murphy, Elspeth Campbell C Early reader
5041 It's My Birthday, God Murphy, Elspeth Campbell C Early reader
5010 Jesus Storybook Bible, The Lloyd-Jones, Sally C Early reader
5020 Just Dog Oram, Hiawyn C Preschool
5007 Kiss Goodbye, The Penn, Audrey C Early reader
5000 Kissing Hand, The Penn, Audrey C Preschool/Early reader
5042 Let the Journey Begin Lucado, Max C Tweens
5038 Make Way for the King Murphy, Elspeth Campbell C Early reader
5018 Mama Cat Has Three Kittens Fleming, Denise C Preschool
5013 Mommy's Best Kisses Anastas, Margaret C Early reader
5051 My Own Psalm 91 Book Ruth, Peggy Joyce C Preschool
5017 Night Before Preschool, The Wing, Natasha C Preschool
5004 One Winter's Day Butler, M. Christina C Early reader
5045 Our Daily Bread for Kids Bowman, Crystal C Early reader
5011 Owen and Mzee Hatkoff, Isabella C Early reader
5016 Point, John! Nystrom, Carolyn C Early reader
5014 Prayers for Children Royds, Caroline C Early reader
5015 Preach, Paul! Nystrom, Carolyn C Early reader
5026 Precious Moments: Stories From the Bible Haan, Sheri Dunham C Early reader
5043 Small One, The Walsh, Alex C Preschool
5030 Sometimes I Get Lonely Murphy, Elspeth Campbell C Early reader
5035 Sometimes I Get Mad Murphy, Elspeth Campbell C Early reader
5034 Sometimes I Get Scared Murphy, Elspeth Campbell C Early reader
5039 Sometimes I Have to Cry Murphy, Elspeth Campbell C Early reader
5036 Sometimes I Need to Be Hugged Murphy, Elspeth Campbell C Early reader
5033 Sometimes I'm Good, Sometimes I'm Bad Murphy, Elspeth Campbell C Early reader
5022 Stories of God's Love Palmer, Pat C Early reader
5029 Stories of People Who Loved God Raney, Sue C Early reader
5003 Story of Jonah, The Davidson, Alice Joyce C Early reader
5008 Two Is Company Delton, Judy C Early reader
5012 Value of Love, The Johnson, Ann Donegan C Early reader
5040 What Can I Say to You, God? Murphy, Elspeth Campbell C Early reader
5032 Where Are You, God? Murphy, Elspeth Campbell C Early reader
5021 While Shepherds Watched Fleetwood, Jenni C Early reader
938 31 Days Toward Passionate Faith Tada, Joni Eareckson D Devotionals & Short Stories
38 Abiding in Christ Heald, Cynthia D Devotionals & Short Stories
814 Behind the Stories Eble, Diane D Devotionals & Short Stories
1024 Chocolate for a Woman's Soul Allenbaugh, Kay D Devotionals & Short Stories
6148 Coffee Break with God Books, Honor D Devotionals & Short Stories
896 Day by Day Murray, Andrew D Devotionals & Short Stories
932 Firstlight: The Early Inspirational Monk Kidd, Sue D Devotionals & Short Stories
898 Getting' Old Ain't for Wimps O'Connor, Karen D Devotionals & Short Stories
947 God's Inspirational Promise Book Ludcado, Max D Devotionals & Short Stories
250 Guideposts Treasury of Love, The various authors D Short Stories
6147 How to Live Happily Brownson, Dr. William C. D Devotionals & Short Stories
6143 I Exalt You, O God Bridges, Jerry D Devotionals & Short Stories
946 Incredible Moments with the Savior Gire, Ken D Devotionals & Short Stories
1027 Jesus Calling Young, Sarah D Devotionals & Short Stories
834 Joy Breaks various authors D Devotionals & Short Stories
900 Living Stories of Famous Hymns Emurian, Ernest K. D Devotionals & Short Stories
848 Look Who's Laughing Spangler, Ann D Devotionals & Short Stories
1049 Miracles: A 52-Week Devotional Kingsbury, Karen D Devotionals & Short Stories
871 More Stories for the Heart Gray, Alice D Devotionals & Short Stories
874 Over 60 and Picking Up Speed Watts, C. Ellen D Devotionals & Short Stories
943 Reliving the Passion:  Meditations Wangerin, Jr., Walter D Devotionals & Short Stories
6111 Sweet Delights Blackstock, Terri D Devotionals & Short Stories
1067 Treasury of Miracles for Women, A Kingsbury, Karen D Devotionals & Short Stories
869 Trellis and the Seed, The Karon, Jan D Devotionals & Short Stories
939 We Brake for Joy various authors D Devotionals & Short Stories
825 What Is the Father Like? Keller, W. Phillip D Devotionals & Short Stories
6179 Who Put the Skunk in the Trunk Callaway, Phil D Devotionals & Short Stories
821  Remember Box, The Sprinkle, Patricia F Historical Fiction
3 Abigail Henderson, Lois T. F Biblical Fiction
8443 Abram My Love (NW 3) Wiggins, Vera Lee F
6136 Afterglow Brand, Irene B. F
7009 Alas My Love Peterson, Tracie. J. F Historical Fiction
6133 Albert's Destiny Etchison, Birdie L. F
8045 Allyson (Margo 5) Jenkins, Jerry F
7127 Along Unfamiliar Paths Rognlie, Amy F
6494 Amorelle Hill, Grace Livingston F
6212 Ample Portions Christner, Dianne L. F
6026 Angel of Dragonpoint Arnold, L. Walker F
3823 Angel of Mercy (Shannon 3) Peterson, Tracie F
3822 Angels Flight (Shannon 2) Peterson, Tracie F
3891 Angels Walking (Angels Walking 1) Kingsbury, Karen F
309 Angelwalk Elwood, Roger F
6127 Annie's Song Boeshaar, Andrea F
6152 Another Love Brown, Joan Winmill F
6251 Another Time, Another Place Crank, Bonnie L, F
253 Apostle, A Life of Paul Pollock, John C. F Biblical Fiction
6231 Applegate Landing Conrad, Jean F
6505 April Gold Hill, Grace Livingston F
3563 As Sure as the Dawn (Mark of the Lion 3) Rivers, Francine F Historical Fiction
774 Ask Adam Bush, Barbara J. F
3431 At Home at Mitford (Mitford 1) Karon, Jan F
6211 At the Golden Gate Chrisman, Freda F
965 Autumn Return Winterbourn, Sally Brice F
966 Bamboo and Lace Wick, Lori F
775 Because of Stephen Hill, Grace Livingston F
6173 Beckoning Streams Schneider, Janelle Burnham F
1009 Before I Wake Henderson, Dee F
6314 Beginning, The Edwards, Gene F Biblical Fiction
8352 Believing the Dream (Return 2) Snelling, Lauraine F
3575 Beloved Land, The (Song of Acadia 5) Oke, Janette F Historical Fiction
934 Beloved Leah Davis, Cynthia F Biblical Fiction
275 Beloved Stranger, The Hill, Grace Livingston F
3752 Betrayal, The (Abram's Daughter 2) Lewis, Beverly F
6177 Better Than Friends Laity, Sally F
6116 Beyond Perfect Peterson, Jennifer F
8685 Beyond the Gathering Storm (Canadian 5) Oke, Janette F
330 Beyond the Picket Fence Wick, Lori F
3692 Beyond Tuesday Morning (9/11 #2) Kingsbury, Karen F
6317 Birth, The Edwards, Gene F
3573 Birthright, The (Song of Acadia 3) Oke, Janette F Historical Fiction
750 Blind Faith Pella, Judith F
6150 Blood Ties Brouwer, Sigmund F
776 Blue Bottle Club, The Stokes, Penelope J. F
6466 Bookends Curtis Higgs, Liz F Historical Fiction
6216 Brianna's Pardon Clover, Gloria F
337 Brothers of the Longhouse Parker, Lois M. F Historical Fiction
3893 Brush of Wings (Angels Walking 3) Kingsbury, Karen F
931 Bryson City Tales Larimore, Walt, M.D. F Historical Fiction
6262 Buzzy Bee Says, "Bee Happy" Curie, Barbara F
550 Calling of Emily Evans, The Oke, Janette F
7110 Captives of the Canyon Reece, Colleen L. F
6433 Case of the Maltese Thief, The Haughey, Thomas Bruce F
6432 Case of the Maltese Treasure Haughey, Thomas Bruce F
6123 Castle in the Clouds Boeshaar, Andrea F
6287 Cat Killer Dengler, Sandy F
3902 Catherine's Heart (Tales 2) Blackwell, Lawana F
3892 Chasing Sunsets (Angels Walking 2) Kingsbury, Karen F
6194 Chasing the Wind Cauthen, John F
33 Christy Marshall, Catherine F
6275 Cinda's Surprise Davis, Mary F
6264 Circle of Love Blair, Alma F
3593 City Girl (Yellow Rose 3) Wick, Lori F
3821 City of Angels (Shannon 1) Peterson, Tracie F
3655 Clouds (Glenbrooke 5) Gunn, Robin Jones F
6159 Clowning Around Brunstetter, Wanda E. F
3281 Colorado Gold (Treasure Quest 1) Wells, Marian F Historical Fiction
3882 Coming Storm, The (Heirs 2) Peterson, Tracie F
3436 Common Life, A (Mitford 6) Karon, Jan F
3452 Confession, The (Lancaster 2) Lewis, Beverly F
6226 Cora Colvin, Mildred F
1051 Covenant Child Blackstock, Terri F
3751 Covenant, The (Abram's Daughter 1) Lewis, Beverly F
7022 Crossroads Peterson, Tracie & Jennifer F
7128 Crosswinds Rohde, Shirley S. F
8291 Crown and the Crucible (Russians 1) Phillips, Michael F Historical Fiction
6174 Dancing in the Darkness Burnham, Janelle F
3671 Danger in the Shadows (O'Malley - Prequel) Henderson, Dee F
6485 Daphne Dean Hill, Grace Livingston F
7065 Daughter of Grace Phillips, Michael F Historical Fiction
3101 David and Bathsheba (Dorr 1) Dorr, Roberta Kells F Biblical Fiction
8295 Dawning of Deliverance (Russians 5) Pella, Judith F Historical Fiction
3831 Deadline (Ollie Chandler 1) Alcorn, Randy F
7102 Dearest Anna Rau, Deborah F
6292 Death Valley Dengler, Sandy F
3833 Deception (Ollie Chandler 3) Alcorn, Randy F
6256 Desires of the Heart, The Crow, Donna Fletcher F
6255 Destiny, Arizona Crisp, Marty F
3574 Distant Beacon, The (Song of Acadia 4) Oke, Janette F Historical Fiction
6093 Distant Love Bell, Ann F
3872 Distortion (Moonlighters Series 2) Blackstock, Terri F
6316 Divine Romance, The Edwards, Gene F
3832 Dominion (Ollie Chandler 2) Alcorn, Randy F
6149 Double Helix Brouwer, Sigmund F
8351 Dream to Follow, A (Return 1) Snelling, Lauraine F
6168 Drummer in the Dark Bunn, T. Davis F
6241 Eagle and the Lamb, The Mindrup, Darlene F
7139 Eagles for Anna Runyon, Catherine F
3562 Echo in the Darkness, An (Mark of the Lion 2) Rivers, Francine F Historical Fiction
3653 Echoes (Glenbrooke 3) Gunn, Robin Jones F
6005 Edge of Eternity Alcorn, Randy F
6258 Elizabeth: Days of Loss and Hope Crow, Donna Fletcher F
564 Emerald Windows Blackstock, Terri F
807 English Ivy Palmer, Catherine F
8046 Erin (Margo 6) Jenkins, Jerry F
261 Esther Traylor, Ellen Gunderson F Biblical Fiction
3841 Even Now (Lost Love 1) Kingsbury, Karen F
3842 Ever After (Lost Love 2) Kingsbury, Karen F
6203 Everlasting Flame, The Chaikin, Linda F
3591 Every Little Thing About You (Yellow Rose 1) Wick, Lori F
3693 Every Now and Then  (9/11 #3) Kingsbury, Karen F
897 Every Storm Wick, Lori F
756 Exit Betty Hill, Grace Livingston F
6254 Faith Came Late Chrisman, Freda F
3551 Finders Keepers (Finders Keepers 1) Palmer, Catherine F
252 First Comes the Wind Jensen, Margaret F
7013 Five Geese Flying Peterson, Tracie J.  F
7005 Flight to Glory Percy, Douglas F
7109 Flower of Alaska Reece, Colleen L. F
7111 Flower of Seattle Reece, Colleen L. F
7112 Flower of the North Reece, Colleen L. F
6109 Forever Friends various authors F
6324 Fountain Sealed, A Epp, Margaret F
7117 Friend of a Friend Richardson, Jill F
1090 Full Disclosure Henderson, Dee F
7052 Garden at the Edge of Beyond Phillips, Michael F
6285 Gila Monster Dengler, Sandy F
7106 Glowing Embers Reece, Colleen L. F
75 Golden Acre, The Bjorn, Thyra Ferre' F
7141 Good Things Come Ryan, Jennifer Ann F
315 Gran's Bedtime Talks DeKack, Gertrude F Children
7038 Grayfox Phillips, Michael F Historical Fiction
77 Greatest Story Ever Told, The Oursler, Fulton F Biblical Fiction
6178 Growing Up on the Edge of the World Callaway, Phil F
3673 Guardian, The (O'Malley 2) Henderson, Dee F
258 Hagar Henderson, Lois T. F Biblical Fiction
394 Harvester, The Stratton-Porter, Gene F
8431 Hawk and the Jewel, The (Kensington 1) Wick, Lori F
3676 Healer, The (O'Malley 5) Henderson, Dee F
6090 Healing Love Bell, Ann F
8441 Heartbreak Trail (NW 1) Wiggins, Vera Lee F
7105 Hearth of Fire Reece, Colleen L. F
6305 Heart's Desire Dooly, Paige Winship F
3622 Heaven's Road (Texas Angel 2) Pella, Judith F Historical Fiction
8294 Heirs of the Motherland (Russians 4) Phillips, Michael F Historical Fiction
3552 Hide and Seek (Finders Keepers 2) Palmer, Catherine F
759 Higher Call, A Wright, Harold Bell F
399 Highway to Heaven Blamires, Harry F
8043 Hilary (Margo 3) Jenkins, Jerry F
37 43 Home at Last (Matanuska 3) Leon, Bonnie F Historical Fiction
6192 Honey, the Carpet Needs . .. Bolton, Martha F
3884 Hope Within, The (Heirs 4) Peterson, Tracie F
3135 Horse and His Boy, The (Narnia 5) Lewis, C.S. F Youth
8292 House Divided, A (Russians 2) Phillips, Michael F Historical Fiction
7032 If Given a Choice Peterson, Tracie J. F
6155 If Love Be Ours Brown, Joan Winmill F
7028 If Only Peterson, Tracie J. F
6189 In the Foxes' Lair Carlton, Bea F
6188 In the House of the Enemy Carlton, Bea F
1089 In This Moment Kingsbury, Karen F Christian Life & Practice
3437 In This Mountain (Mitford 7) Karon, Jan F
6059 Ina Kletzing, Karen Baker F
6082 Inspired Love Bell, Ann F
6304 Irish Lace Dunaway, Patricia F
6260 It Happened at the Sunset Grille Cunningham, Will F
8050 Janell (Margo 10) Jenkins, Jerry F
3284 Jewel of Promise (Treasue Quest 4) Wells, Marian F Historical Fiction
414 Joseph, Dreamer of Dreams Traylor, Ellen Gunderson F Biblical Fiction
3862 Judgment, The (Rose Trilogy 2) Lewis, Beverly F
113 Julie Marshall, Catherine F
6293 Jungle Gold Dengler, Sandy F
7114 Karaleen Reid, Mary F
8042 Karlyn (Margo 2) Jenkins, Jerry F
7108 Kindled Spark, A Reece, Colleen L. F
7018 Kingdom Divided, A Peterson, Tracie J. F
6309 King's General, The Du Maurier, Daphne F Historical Fiction
8434 Knight and the Dove, The (Kensington 4) Wick, Lori F
3881 Land of My Heart (Heirs 1) Peterson, Tracie F
6246 Land of Promise Cox, Carol F
3137 Last Battle, The (Narnia 7) Lewis, C.S. F Youth
815 Last Sin Eater, The Rivers, Francine F
3903 Leading Lady (Tales 3) Blackwell, Lawana F
3439 Light from Heaven (Mitford 9) Karon, Jan F
6027 Light in My Window, The Arnold, Francena F
3432 Light in the Window (Mitford 2) Karon, Jan F
6270 Lilly's Dream Darty, Peggy F
8048 Lindsay (Margo 8) Jenkins, Jerry F
3131 Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, The (Narnia 1) Lewis, C.S. F Youth
401 Locket, The Evans, Richard Paul F
6213 Lofty Ambitions Christner, Dianne L. F
7027 Logan's Lady Peterson, Tracie J. F
6122 Long Ride Home, The Boeshaar, Andrea F
6294 Look Beyond the Valley DeRuischer, Cornelius F
837 Looking Glass, The Evans, Richard Paul F
1010 Lost December Evans, Richard Paul F
6218 Love Ahoy Coble, Colleen F
3121 Love Comes Softly (Love 1) Oke, Janette F
3128 Love Finds a Home (Love 8) Oke, Janette F
1077 Love From Greece Panagiotopoulos, Melanie K. F Christian Life & Practice
6204 Love in the Prairie Wilds Chandler, Robin F
6035 Love More Precious Austin, Marilyn F
6108 Love Online Billerbeck, Kristin F
6330 Love Shall Come Again Etchison, Birdie L. F
3127 Love Takes Wing (Love 7) Oke, Janette F
1023 Loved One, The Palmer, Catherine F
3124 Love's Abiding Joy (Love 4) Oke, Janette F
3122 Love's Enduring Promise (Love 2) Oke, Janette F
3123 Love's Long Journey (Love 3) Oke, Janette F
3126 Love's Unfolding Dream (Love 6) Oke, Janette F
3125 Love's Unyielding Legacy (Love 5) Oke, Janette F
137 Lydia Henderson, Lois T. F Biblical Fiction
3136 Magician's Nephew, The (Narnia 6) Lewis, C.S. F Youth
3901 Maiden of Mayfair, The (Tales 1) Blackwell, Lawana F
6776 Maiden's Bequest, The MacDonald, George F
850 Man in White, The Cash, Johnny F Biblical Fiction
436 Marah - The Woman at the Well Bergman, Nina Mason F Biblical Fiction
8041 Margo (Margo 1) Jenkins, Jerry F
306 Mark: Eye Witness Traylor, Ellen Gunderson F Biblical Fiction
8442 Martha My Own (NW 2) Wiggins, Vera Lee F
6474 Matched Pearls Hill, Grace Livingston F
7142 Matter of Faith, A Pykare, Nina Coombs F
6240 Matter of Security, A Cornelius, Kay F
852 McTaggart's Promise Palmer, Bernard F
164 Meet Little Known People of the Bible Miller, Basil F Biblical Fiction
3571 Meeting Place, The (Song of Acadia 1) Oke, Janette F Historical Fiction
6308 Megan's Choice Dow, Rosey F
6250 Megan's Promise Coyle, Neva F
3863 Mercy, The (Rose Trilogy 3) Lewis, Beverly F
6311 Midsummer's Dream Eastman, Rena F
953 Minister's Restoration, The MacDonald, George F Historical Fiction
439 Miracle at Jamestowne Parker, Lois M. F Youth
145 Miriam Henderson, Lois T. F Biblical Fiction
8444 Misplaced Angel (NW 4) Wiggins, Vera Lee F
560 Molly's Pilgrim Cohen, Barbara F Youth
6187 Moonshell Carlton, Bea F
8353 More Than a Dream (Return 3) Snelling, Lauraine F
6271 Morning Mountain Darty, Peggy F
6273 Mountain to Stand Strong, A Darty, Peggy F
6291 Mouse Trapped  Dengler, Sandy F
6288 Murder on the Mount Dengler, Sandy F
7104 Music in the Mountains Reece, Colleen L. F
7025 My Valentine Peterson, Tracie J. F
6475 Mystery of Mary, The Hill, Grace Livingston F
730 Nana's Gift Oke, Janette F
3672 Negotiator, The  (O'Malley 1) Henderson, Dee F
7107 Neither Bond Nor Free Coombs Pykare, Nina F
8445 New Love, A (NW 5) Wiggins, Vera Lee F
3435 New Song, A (Mitford 5) Karon, Jan F
7084 Next Move of God, The Pickett, Fuchsia F
6137 No More Sea Brandt, Gloria F
445 No Time for Tombstones Hefley, James & Marti F
3423 Older But Wilder (Wilder 3) Wilder, Effie Leland F
6605 On Every Side Kingsbury, Karen F
6063 Once More with Feeling Bancroft, Brenda F
3061 Once Upon a Summer (Seasons of the Heart 1) Oke, Janette F
6169 One False Move Bunn, T. Davis F
6221 One Man's Honor Coleman, Lynn A. F
6228 One More Chance Comeaux, Kimberly F
3424 One More Time (Just for Fun) (Wilder 4) Wilder, Effie Leland F
745 One Shenandoah Winter Bunn, T. Davis F
567 One Small Miracle Wubbels, Lance F
3691 One Tuesday Morning (9/11 #1) Kingsbury, Karen F
6284 Opal Fire Dengler, Sandy F
6219 Orchids for Ellie Cochran, Hazel F
3282 Out of the Crucible (Treasire Quest 2) Wells, Marian F Historical Fiction
6253 Out of the Darkness Crawford, Diann F
3434 Out to Canaan (Mitford 4) Karon, Jan F
3421 Out to Pasture (But Not Over the Hill) (Wilder 1) Wilder, Effie Leland F
3422 Over What Hill? (Wilder  2) Wilder, Effie Leland F
6132 Ozark Parson Bontrager, Ida F
8044 Paige (Margo 4) Jenkins, Jerry F
3911 Parting, The (Courtship 1) Lewis, Beverly F
854 Passport to Life City Wirt, Sherwood E. F
6234 Patience Copeland, Lori F
455 Patricia Hill, Grace Livingston F
428 Paul: A Novel Wngerin, Jr., Walter F Biblical Fiction
6451 Place Behind the World, A Hazard, David F
6158 Plain and Fancy Brunstetter, Wanda E. F
6242 Politically Correct Cornelius, Kay F
6101 Porch Swings and Picket Fences Bergren, Lisa Tawn F
796 Presence, The Bunn, T. Davis F
3132 Prince Caspian (Narnia2) Lewis, C.S. F Youth
6315 Prisoner of the Third Cell, The Edwards, Gene F
3754 Prodical, The (Abram's Daughter 4) Lewis, Beverly F
3584 Promise Me Tomorrow (Rocky Mountain 4) Wick, Lori F
6214 Proper Intentions Christner, Dianne L. F
611 Prophet, The Peretti, Frank F
3675 Protector, The (O'Malley 4) Henderson, Dee F
430 Quilt, The Bunn, T. Davis F
996 Quilter's Apprentice, The Chiaverini, Jennifer F
959 Rainbow's End Hannon, Irene F
3453 Reckoning, The (Lancaster 3) Lewis, Beverly F
443 Red Geranium, The  Oke, Janette F
7140 Redeeming Claire Rutledge, Cynthia F
7122 Redeeming Love Rivers, Francine F
3771 Redemption (Redemption 1) Kingsbury, Karen F
797 Redemption of Sarah Cain, The Lewis, Beverly F
3774 Rejoice (Redemption  4) Kingsbury, Karen F
3772 Remember (Redemption 2) Kingsbury, Karen F
3677 Rescuer, The (O'Malley 6) Henderson, Dee F
7138 Retreat to Love Rue, Nancy N. F
3773 Return (Redemption 3) Kingsbury, Karen F
731 Return to Harmony Oke, Janette F
3775 Reunion (Redemption 5) Kingsbury, Karen F
1005 Reunion, The Walsh, Dan F Historical Fiction
3755 Revelation, The (Abram's Daughter 5) Lewis, Beverly F
6170 Riders of the Pale Horse  Bunn, T. Davis F
798 River of Peace Schneider, Janelle Burnham F
769 Riverman Arnold, L. Walker F
6166 Rogue's Daughter, The Bull, Molly Noble F
6081 Rose by the Door, A Bedford, Deborah F
470 Roses for Mama Oke, Janette F
188 Ruth: A Love Story Traylor, Ellen Gunderson F Biblical Fiction
856 Ruth: A Love Story Henderson, Lois T. F Biblical Fiction
3572 Sacred Shore, The (Song of Acadia 2) Oke, Janette F Historical Fiction
8971 Sacred Trust (Sacred 1) Alexander, Hannah F
3753 Sacrifice, The (Abram's Daughter 3) Lewis, Beverly F
6016 Safe Haven, A Allman, Summer F
987 Scarlet Thread, The Rivers, Francine F
575 Screwtape Letters, The Lewis, C.S. F
3651 Secrets (Glenbrooke 1 Gunn, Robin Jones F
8047 Shannon (Margo 7) Jenkins, Jerry F
193 Shepherd of the Hills Wright, Harold Bell F
3438 Shepherds Abiding (Mitford 8) Karon, Jan F
3451 Shunning, The (Lancaster 1) Lewis, Beverly F
7103 Silence in the Sage Reece, Colleen L. F
8973 Silent Pledge (Sacred 3) Alexander, Hannah F
3134 Silver Chair, The (Narnia 4) Lewis, C.S. F Youth
3283 Silver Highway, The (Treasure Quest 3) Wells, Marian F Historical Fiction
7115 Sisters in the Sun Rohde, Shirley F
284 Sitting By My Laughing Fire Graham, Ruth Bell F
6191 Soft Beats My Heart Carter, Aleesha F
8972 Solemn Oath (Sacred 2) Alexander, Hannah F
3102 Solomon's Song (Dorr 2) Dorr, Roberta Kells F Biblical Fiction
7137 Something for Nothing Roth, Sid F Biblical Fiction
7134 Song of Deborah Ross, Bette M. F Biblical Fiction
6269 Song of the Dove Darty, Peggy F
800 Sophie's Heart Wick, Lori F
3064 Spring's Gentle Promise (Seasons of the Heart 4) Oke, Janette F
979 Star of Light St. John, Patricia F Youth
6012 Starfire Quilt, The Allen, Allice F
6257 Stephanie: Days of Turmoil and Victory Crow, Donna Fletcher F
7113 Stolen Identity Regrut, Brian F
6281 Stranger from the Past DeKalb, Lorimer F
6272 Summer Place Darty, Peggy F
3654 Sunsets (Glenbrooke 4) Gunn, Robin Jones F
6227 Susannah's Secret Comeaux, Kimberly F
930 Sutter's Cross Cramer, W. Dale F
3251 Sweetbriar (Sweetbriar 1) Wilbee, Brenda F Historical Fiction
3255 Sweetbriar Autumn (Sweetbriar 5) Wilbee, Brenda F Historical Fiction
3252 Sweetbriar Bride (Sweetbriar 2) Wilbee, Brenda F Historical Fiction
3256 Sweetbriar Hope (Sweetbriar 6) Wilbee, Brenda F Historical Fiction
3253 Sweetbriar Spring (Sweetbriar 3) Wilbee, Brenda F Historical Fiction
3254 Sweetbriar Summer (Sweetbriar 4) Wilbee, Brenda F Historical Fiction
6321 Sycamore Steeple Ellison, Suzanne P. F
3621 Texas Angel (Texas Angel 1) Pella, Judith F Historical Fiction
3592 Texas Sky, A (Yellow Rose 2) Wick, Lori F
3461 The Postcard Lewis, Beverly F
6064 There's Always Tomorrow Bancroft, Brenda F
3433 These High, Green Hills (Mitford 3) Karon, Jan F
570 They Called Her Mrs. Doc Oke, Janette F
6036 Thief of My Heart Bach, Catherine F
6263 Thorn in My Heart Higgs, Liz Curtis F
3861 Thorn, The (Rose Trilogy 1) Lewis, Beverly F
772 Though None Go with Me Jenkins, Jerry B. F
6282 Thr3e Dekker, Ted F
955 Three from Galilee Holmes, Marjorie F Biblical Fiction
803 Through a Glass Darkly Morris, Gilbert F
6089 Through Golden Meadows Bell, Sally Lee F Christian Life & Practice
971 Through the Fire Noble, Diane F
7006 Tilly Peretti, Frank E. F
1073 Time to Embrace, A Kingsbury, Karen F
6222 Time to Embrace, A Coleman, Lynn A. F
823 Times and Seasons Blackstock, Terri F
3883 To Dream Anew (Heirs 3) Peterson, Tracie F
3583 To Know Her By Name (Rocky Mountain 3) Wick, Lori F
6217 To Love a Stranger Coble, Colleen F
8293 Travail and Triumph (Russians 3) Phillips, Michael F Historical Fiction
580 Treasures of the Snow St. John, Patricia F Youth
3674 Truth Seeker, The (O'Malley 3) Henderson, Dee F
3871 Truth Stained Lies (Moonlighters Series 1) Blackstock, Terri F
824 Twice Freed St. John, Patricia M.  F Biblical Fiction
6001 Twin Blessings Aarsen, Carolyne F
3873 Twisted Innocence Blackstock, Terri F
1084 Undetected Henderson, Dee F
993 Unlocked Kingsbury, Karen F
1045 Unspoken Henderson, Dee F
3741 Valley of Promises (Matanuska 1) Leon, Bonnie F Historical Fiction
3561 Voice in the Wind, A (Mark of the Lion 1) Rivers, Francine F Historical Fiction
3133 Voyage of the Dawn Treader (Narnia 3) Lewis, C.S. F Youth
6322 Wandering, The Elwood, Roger F
1011 War-Torn Valley Miller, Joyce F
3656 Waterfalls (Glenbrooke 6) Gunn, Robin Jones F
6220 Weep Not for Me Cohen, Gary F
6208 What Love Remembers Chapman, Muncy G. F
8683 When Breaks the Dawn (Canadian 3) Oke, Janette F
8681 When Calls the Heart (Canadian 1) Oke, Janette F
8682 When Comes the Spring (Canadian 2) Oke, Janette F
8684 When Hope Springs New (Canadian 4) Oke, Janette F
286 When the Bamboo Sings Percy, Douglas C. F
8686 When Tomorrow Comes (Canadian 6) Oke, Janette F
3581 Where the Wild Rose Blooms (Rocky Mountain 1) Wick, Lori F
957 Where Yesterday Lives Kingsbury, Karen F
3652 Whispers (Glenbrooke 2) Gunn, Robin Jones F
3582 Whispers of Moonlight (Rocky Mountain 2) Wick, Lori F
8296 White Nights, Red Morning (Russians 6) Pella, Judith F Historical Fiction
6471 White Orchids Hill, Grace Livingston F
8433 Who Brings Forth the Wind? (Kensington 3) Wick, Lori F
6295 Whom Shall I Fear? Dickson, Athol F
3658 Wildflowers (Glenbrooke 8) Gunn, Robin Jones F
6172 Winding Highway Schneider, Janelle Burnham F
3062 Winds of Autumn, The (Seasons of the Heart 2) Oke, Janette F
7021 Wing and a Prayer, A Peterson, Tracie J. F
7020 Wings Like Eagles Peterson, Tracie J. F
7033 Wings of the Dawn Peterson, Tracie J. F
8432 Wings of the Morning (Kensington 2) Wick, Lori F
3063 Winter is Not Forever (Seasons of the Heart 3) Oke, Janette F
6286 Winter Spring Dengler, Sandy F
6033 Wisdom Hunter Arthur, Randall F
717 With an Everlasting Love Arthur, Kay F
285 Witness, The Hill, Grace Livingston F
926 Witness, The Henderson, Dee F
3657 Woodlands (Glenbrooke 7) Gunn, Robin Jones F
374 2 Worthy of Riches (Matanuska 2) Leon, Bonnie F Historical Fiction
318 Yellow Cat of Cottonwood Parker, Lois M. F Youth
7011 Long Awaited Child, The Peterson, Tracie J.
39 Adam, God's Beloved Nouwen, Henri J.M. NF Christian Life & Practice
323 Affliction Schaeffer, Edith NF Christian Life & Practice
257 Against the Night Colson, Charles NF Church & World
1068 Air I Breathe, The Giglio, Louie NF Christian Disciplines
25 American Hour, The Guinness, Os NF Ethics/Contemporary Issues
6 Anatomy of an Illness Cousins, Norman NF Christian Life & Practice
978 And I Will Be Found by You Frangipane, Francis NF Christian Disciplines
521 And the Angels Were Silent Lucado, Max NF Christianity & Theology
314 Angels on Assignment Hunter, Charles Francis NF Christianity & Theology
281 Anglicanism Neill, Stephen NF Church & World
891 Approval Addiction Meyer, Joyce NF Christian Disciplines
7086 Attributes of God, The Pink, Arthur W. NF Christianity & Theology
1040 Authentic Jesus, The Stott, John R. W.  NF Christianity & Theology
1031 Bad Dads of the Bible Warren, Roland C. NF Christian Life & Practice
449 Bad Girls of the Bible Higgs, Liz Curtis NF Christianity & Theology
734 Battling the Prince of Darkness Christenson, Evelyn NF Church & World
701 Be Anxious for Nothing Meyer, Joyce NF Christian Life & Practice
1019 Before Amen Lucado, Max NF Christian Disciplines
312 Before Death Comes Rawlings, MD, Maurice NF Christian Life & Practice
525 Best of Peter Marshall, The Marshall, Catherine NF Sermons
16 Beyond Death's Door Rawlings MD, Maurice NF Christian Life & Practice
331 Beyond Hunger Beals, Art NF Ethics/Contemporary Issues
17 Beyond Ourselves Marshall, Catherine NF Christian Disciplines
332 Bit of This and That,  A Williams, Maxine NF Christianity & Theology
333 Blessings, Reflections on the Beatitudes Talbot, John Michael NF Christianity & Theology
3853 Blind Hope (Hope 3) Meeder, Kim NF Christian Life & Practice
633 Blood Brothers Chacour, Elias NF Church & World
334 Blood of the Moon Grant, George NF Church & World
7622 Blood, The Hinn, Benny NF Christianity & Theology
833 Body Dynamic, The MacArthur, Jr., John NF Church & World
458 Bondage Breaker, The Anderson, Neil T. NF Christian Disciplines
335 Book of Proverbs, The - NIV New International Version NF Christianity & Theology
6265 Breakthrough Prayer Cymbala, Jim NF Christian Life & Practice
3852 Bridge Called Hope (Hope 2) Meeder, Kim NF Christian Life & Practice
63 Burden of Truth Colson, Charles NF Ethics/Contemporary Issues
247 But God Edman, V. Raymond NF Short Stories
26 By Death or Divorce . . . Young, Amy Ross NF Christian Life & Practice
1085 C.S. Lewis In A Time of War Phillips, Justin NF Christian Life & Practice
341 Call to Conversion, The Wallis, Jim NF Christian Disciplines
888 Can Man Live without God? Zacharias, Ravi NF Christian Disciplines
999 Captured by Grace Jeremiah, David NF Christian Disciplines
1076 Case for Hope, The Strobel, Lee NF Christian Life & Practice
27 Celebration of Discipline Foster, Richard  J. NF Christian Disciplines
344 China: The Emerging Challenge Kauffman, Paul E. NF Church & World
839 Chonda Pierce on Her Soapbox Pierce, Chonda NF Christian Life & Practice
1048 Choosing Joy Smallwood, Chrystal J. NF Ethics/Contemporary Issues
345 Chosen By God Sproul, R.C. NF Christianity & Theology
346 Christian Counter Culture Stott, John R. W.  NF Christianity & Theology
1042 Christians at the Cross Wright, N. T. NF Christianity & Theology
32 Christian's Secret of a Happy Life, The Smith, Hannah Whitall NF Christian Life & Practice
348 Christo-Therapy Tyrell, Bernard J. NF Christian Life & Practice
351 Church at the End of the 20th Century Schaeffer, Francis A. NF Ethics/Contemporary Issues
352 Circle of Quiet, A L'Engle, Madeleine NF Christian Life & Practice
1032 Close Encounters: Knowing the Savior Smith, Paul NF Christian Life & Practice
300 Coloring Outside the Lines Westfall, John F. NF Christian Disciplines
355 Come Before Winter Swindoll, Charles R. NF Christian Life & Practice
356 Communicating Love through Prayer Rinker, Rosalind NF Christian Disciplines
1014 Compassion: A Reflection on the  Nouwen, Henri J.M. NF Christian Life & Practice
1062 Confessions of a Prayer Slacker Moody, Diane NF Christian Disciplines
35 Congratulations, God Believes in You Ogilvie, Dr. Lloyd John NF Chritianity & Theology
921 Cost of Discipleship, The Bonhoeffer, Dietrich NF Christian Disciplines
359 Courage for Crisis Living Walker, Dr. Paul L.  NF Christian Life & Practice
361 Cross Through the Open Tomb, The Barnhouse, Donald Grey NF Christianity & Theology
777 Dare to Care Like Jesus Flynn, Leslie B. NF Christianity & Theology
878 Dark Night of the Soul, The May, Gerald M. NF Christian Disciplines
840 Day Christ Died, The Bishop, Jim NF Christianity & Theology
287 Depression Baker, Don NF Christian Life & Practice
367 Desert Blooms, The Boyle, Sarah Patton NF Christian Life & Practice
7087 Desiring God Piper, John NF Christian Disciplines
976 Disciplines of a Godly Woman Hughes, Barbara NF Christian Life & Practice
299 Discovering the Joy of Obedience MacDonald, Hope NF Christian Disciplines
52 Dropping Your Guard Swindoll, Charles R. NF Relationships
293 Elijah and Elisha Edersheim, Rev. Dr. Alfred NF Chrisitanity & Theology
372 Evangelism Explosion Kennedy, D. James NF Short Stories
373 Eve and After Carlisle, Thomas John NF Christianity & Theology
262 Exodus and the Wanderings Edersheim, Rev. Dr. Alfred NF Church & World
1008 Facing Your Giants Lucado, Max NF Christian Life & Practice
248 Faith Is Not a Feeling Bailey, Ney NF Christian Disciplines
375 Fall Feasts of Israel, The Glaser, Mitch & Zhara NF Church & World
6327 Father Style, The Erwin, Gayle D. NF Christian Disciplines
61 Fearlessly and Wonderfully Made Brand, Dr. Paul NF Christianity & Theology
170 Finding Contentment Warren, Neil Clark NF Christian Life & Practice
6296 Finding God in the Face of Evil Dobson, Ed NF Ethics/Contemporary Issues
1003 Follow My Lead, Responding to Melton, Holly A. NF Christian Disciplines
6153 Follow the Wind: Our Lord, the Holy Spirit Brown, Steve NF
279 Following Christ Stowell, Joseph M. NF Christian Disciplines
7144 Foods That Heal Salaman, Maureen K. NF Christian Life & Practice
378 Forgotten Father, The Smail, Thomas A. NF Christianity & Theology
6699 Four Loves, The Lewis, C.S. NF Christian Life & Practice
524 Foxe's Book of Martyrs Berry, W. Grinton NF Church & World
379 Freedom of Simplicity Foster, Richard  J. NF Ethics/Contemporary Issues
380 Friendship Unlimited: How You Can Help a Friend Tada, Joni Eareckson NF Christian Life & Practice
808 From Fear to Faith Carothers, Merlin R. NF Christian Life & Practice
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438 Gideon, Mighty Man of Valor Keller, W. Phillip NF Christianity & Theology
1095 Girl, Wash Your Face Hollis, Rachel NF Christian Life & Practice
382 Glimpse of the Sunshine, A Reuss, Edith A. NF Christian Life & Practice
605 Glorious Intruder Tada, Joni Eareckson NF Christianity & Theology
1066 Glory Days Lucado, Max NF Christian Disciplines
725 God Came Near Lucado, Max NF Christianity & Theology
383 God Can Heal You Now Neal, Emily Gardner NF Christian Disciplines
270 God Is My Delight Keller, W. Phillip NF Short Stories
385 God of Stones and Spiders, The Colson, Charles NF Ethics/Contemporary Issues
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308 God's Trombones Johnson, James Weldon NF Sermons
726 Great House of God, The Lucado, Max NF Christianity & Theology
6616 Green Leaf in Drought Kuhn, Isobel NF Church & World
391 Grieve Not for the Wrightsie Brunson, Nancy NF Christian Life & Practice
917 Having a Mary Heart in a Martha Weaver, Joanna NF Christian Life & Practice
830 He Chose the Nails Lucado, Max NF Christianity & Theology
1007 He Has Made Me Glad Patterson, Ben NF Christian Life & Practice
697 He Still Moves Stones Lucado, Max NF Christianity & Theology
395 Healing for Damaged Emotions Seamands, David A. NF Christian Life & Practice
929 Heart Ablaze, A Bevere, John NF Christian Disciplines
396 Heart after God Palau, Luis NF Christianity & Theology
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2 Heaven Baker, Don NF Christianity & Theology
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984 Heaven Is for Real Burpo, Todd NF Christian Life & Practice
397 Heirs with the Prince Brown, Stephen NF Christianity & Theology
7143 Heroes Among Us Rynn, Jim NF Christian Life & Practice
7098 He's God and We're Not Pritchard, Ray NF Christianity & Theology
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84 Hide or Seek Dobson, Dr. James NF Relationships
295 His Mysterious Ways Guidepost Mag. Editors NF Short Stories
88 Holiness of God, The Sproul, R.C. NF Christianity & Theology
569 Hope for the Troubled Heart Graham, Billy NF Christian Life & Practice
3851 Hope Rising (Hope 1) Meeder, Kim NF Christian Life & Practice
283 Hot Tub Religion Packer, J. L.  NF Ethics/Contemporary Issues
403 How Can It Be All Right? Smedes, Lewis B. NF Christian Life & Practice
7120 How Can You Find Happiness? Ringer, Robert NF Ethics/Contemporary Issues
997 How Good Is Good Enough? Stanley, Andy NF Christian Life & Practice
980 How to Be Rich Stanley, Andy NF Christian Life & Practice
6261 How to Enjoy a Family Fight Cunningham, Will NF Christian Life & Practice
404 How to Handle Adversity Stanley, Dr. Charles NF Christian Life & Practice
899 How to Live through a Bad Day Hayford, Jack NF Christian Life & Practice
7085 I Can See Myself in His Eyeballs Pierce, Chonda NF Christian Life & Practice
887 I'd Rather Be Laughing Meberg, Marilyn NF Christian Life & Practice
100 If God Cares, Why Do I Still have Problems? Ogilvie, Dr. Lloyd John NF Christian Life & Practice
1029 If God is Good Alcorn, Randy NF Christian Life & Practice
406 If You Will Ask Chambers, Oswald NF Christian Disciplines
263 Improving Your Serve Swindoll, Charles R. NF Christian Disciplines
409 In His Image Brand, Dr. Paul NF Christianity & Theology
919 Incredible Patience of God, The Adams, Lane NF Christian Disciplines
313 Involvement: Being a Responsible Christian Stott, John R. W.  NF Ethics/Contemporary Issues
104 Irregular People Landorf, Joyce NF Christian Life & Practice
274 Is There a Place Where I Can Scream? Myra, Harold NF Short Stories
6032 Israel, My Beloved Arthur, Kay NF
7133 It May Be Sooner Than You Think Lindsted, Robert NF Christianity & Theology
788 It's Always Darkest Before the Fun Pierce, Chonda NF Christian Life & Practice
789 It's Friday, But Sunday's Comin' Campolo, Tony NF Christian Life & Practice
831 It's Not About Me Lucado, Max NF Christian Disciplines
265 I've Got to Talk to Somebody Holmes, Marjorie NF Christian Life & Practice
304 Jesus Among Other Gods Zacharias, Ravi NF Church & World
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272 Jesus Person Pocket Promise Book Wilkerson, David NF Christianity & Theology
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812 Knight in Shining Armor Wilson, P.B. NF Relationships
656 Knowledge of the Holy, The Tozer, A.W. NF Christianity & Theology
534 Laugh Again Swindoll, Charles R. NF Christian Life & Practice
421 Layman Looks at the Lord's Prayer, A Keller, W. Phillip NF Christianity & Theology
422 Layman Looks at the Love of God, A Keller, W. Phillip NF Christianity & Theology
34 Leap Over a Wall Peterson, Eugene H.  NF Christian Disciplines
1000 Lessons I Learned in the Dark Rothschild, Jennifer NF Christian Life & Practice
423 Let Go and Let God Cliffe, Albert, E. NF Christian Disciplines
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429 Living the Adventure Miller, Keith NF Christian Life & Practice
302 Lord of the Impossible Ogilvie, Dr. Lloyd John NF Christian Disciplines
992 Love and Respect Eggerichs, Dr. Emerson NF Relationships
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135 Love Must Be Tough Dobson, Dr. James NF Relationships
816 Love Worth Giving, A Lucado, Max NF Christian Disciplines
1044 Love: What Life is All About Buscaglia, Ph.D., Leo NF Relationships
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143 Mark of a Christian, The Schaeffer, Francis A. NF Christian Disciplines
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994 Mended Smith, Angie NF Christian Disciplines
7024 Message: Acts, The Peterson, Eugene NF Christianity & Theology
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146 Money, Sex and Power Foster, Richard  J. NF Ethics/Contemporary Issues
148 More Power to You Carothers, Merlin R. NF Christian Disciplines
149 More Than a Carpenter McDowell, Josh NF Chrisitanity & Theology
441 Mourning Song Landorf, Joyce NF Christian Life & Practice
6320 My Father's Child Elliot, Lynda NF Christian Life & Practice
442 My Heart, Christ's Home Munger, Robert Boyd NF Christian Life & Practice
818 My Heart's Cry Lotz, Anne Graham NF Christianity & Theology
819 Name, The Graham, Franklin NF Christianity & Theology
1017 Nearing Home Graham, Billy NF Christian Life & Practice
793 Necessity of Prayer, The Bounds, E.M. NF Christian Disciplines
853 Next Door Savior Lucado, Max NF Christianity & Theology
159 No Wonder They Call Him Savior Lucado, Max NF Chrisitanity & Theology
942 Normal Is Just a Setting on Your Dryer Clairmont, Patsy NF Christian Life & Practice
7132 Not Without Design Rosenthal, Marvin NF Christian Disciplines
6232 Now That I Believe Cook, Robert A. NF Christian Life & Practice
1075 One Simple Act Macomber, Debbie NF Christian Life & Practice
944 One Spirit, One Church Ayala, Christine NF Christian Disciplines
1018 One Thing You Can't Do in Heaven Cahill, Mark NF Christianity & Theology
794 Ordinary Men Called by God Boice, J.M. NF Christianity & Theology
7806 Overcoming Life, The Moody, D.L. NF Christian Disciplines
6156 Overcoming Setbacks Brown, Steve NF Christian Life & Practice
6165 Parables Buckingham, Jamie NF
7088 Passion of the Christ, The Piper, John NF Christianity & Theology
172 Peace with God Graham, Billy NF Christian Disciplines
6175 Peanut Butter Families Stick Together Butterworth, Bill NF
255 Pineapple Story, The Institute in Basic Youth NF Christian Disciplines
6061 Plague Balizet, Carol NF
6277 Portraits of Christ in Genesis DeHaan, M.R. NF Christianity & Theology
1002 Power of Praying Together, The Omartian, Stormie NF Christian Disciplines
1021 Prayer Book Vidal, Dr. Jaime R. NF Christian Life & Practice
267 Precept Upon Precept Authur, Kay NF Christian Disciplines
6146 Prime Rib and Apple Briscoe, Jill NF
182 Prison to Praise Carothers, Merlin R. NF Christian Disciplines
1091 Prodigal God, The Keller, Timothy NF Christian Disciplines
6392 Prodigals and Those Who Love Them Graham, Ruth Bell NF Christian Life & Practice
6938 Psychology of Counseling, The Narramore, Clyde NF Christian Life & Practice
970 Real Presence: The Holy Spirit Payne, Leanne NF Christianity & Theology
1070 Reason For My Hope, The Graham, Billy NF Christian Disciplines
950 Reduce Me to Love Meyer, Joyce NF Christian Disciplines
1060 Return of the Prodigal Son, The Nouwen, Henri J.M. NF Christian Disciplines
291 Rocks, Relics & Biblical Reliability Wilson, Clifford A. NF Church & World
256 Root of the Righteous, The Tozer, A.W. NF Short Stories
770 Rustle of Angels, A Webber, Marilyn & William  NF Christianity & Theology
863 Sabbath Keeping Baab, Lynn M. NF Christian Disciplines
6280 Salvation by Faith DeHaan, M.R. NF Christianity & Theology
189 Secret of Happiness, The Graham, Billy NF Chriistianity & Theology
7007 Secrets of a Fulfilled Woman Perkins, Susan NF Christian Life & Practice
881 Secrets of the Vine Wilkinson, Bruce NF Christian Disciplines
327 Sermons by Billy Sunday and Jonathan Edwards Sunday and Edwards NF Sermons
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205 Strengthening Your Grip Swindoll, Charles R. NF Christian Life & Practice
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804 Touchng the Heart of God LeSourd (edited by) NF Christian Disciplines
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451 Trusting God in a Twisted World Elliot, Elisabeth NF Short Stories
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1052 What in the World Is Going On? Jeremiah, Dr. David NF Christianity & Theology
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9207 12 Brides of Christmas Collection, The various authors X
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9211 Christmas Child, The Lucado, Max X
9001 Christmas Collection (Set 1) various authors X
9002 Christmas Collection (Set 2) various authors X
9003 Christmas Collection (Set 3) various authors X
9004 Christmas Collection (Set 4) various authors X
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9132 Giftbringer Wiegand, Frederick X
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9197 In the Manger Lucado, Max X Devotionals & Short Stories
9187 Jesus is the Reason for the Season various authors X Devotionals & Short Stories
9199 Journey, The:  Walking the Road to Bethlehem Hamilton, Adam X Christian Life & Practice
9196 Keeping Christmas Walsh, Dan X
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9013 Mitford Snowmen, The Karon, Jan X
9143 No Room at the Inn Carlson, Melody X
9015 One Incredible Moment Lucado, Max X Christianity & Theology
9010 One Wintry Night Graham, Ruth Bell X
9175 Our Christmas Story Graham, Ruth Bell X Christian Life & Practice
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9113 Skipping Christmas Grisham, John X
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9136 Tell Me a Story at Christmas various authors X Devotionals & Short Stories
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9108 Two from Galilee Holmes, Marjorie X
9182 Victorian Christmas Quilt, A various authors X
9200 Walk One Winter Night, A Andrews, Al X
9072 Watch for the Light various authors X Devotionals & Short Stories