Helping people with different abilities find joy and hope in Christian literature


Our History

AudioBook Ministries, formally known as Tape Ministries NW began in 1980. A woman at a Bible study in South Seattle began recording books on tape for a blind friend. Almost three decades later, our volunteers are still recording Christian books and our library now has over 1,300 titles.

We loan books on NLS cartridge and deliver them by mail to individuals in the USA.

All our services are free to anyone who qualifies, including people who are blind, visually impaired, dyslexic, or who have disabilities that make it difficult to hold a book or turn the pages.

Our mission

To provide wholesome, inspirational recorded material for people who cannot read due to blindness, visual impairment or other disabilities.

We aim to share the pure joy of reading through books that inspire, entertain and provide encouragement, comfort and hope.

Our values

AUDIOBOOK MINISTRIES strives to make Christian literature accessible to all by providing a free lending library for persons who are visually impaired or disabled nationwide. We are the nation’s largest Christian, a non-denominational audio lending library that offers over 3,200 titles in our library which includes books on Christian Living, Missionary Stories, Christian Fiction, Biographies, Basic Christianity & Theology and much more. Books can be checked out via digital cartridge. Please contact our office at 206-243-7377 to see how easy it is to become a patron.

Who We Are

Our services are very important to our patrons, courageous people who are living in difficult circumstances. Many are senior citizens who are losing their sight and dearly miss reading Christian literature. We think it is important that they are able to enjoy wholesome and inspirational faith-based books on tape.

Though there are many public libraries for the blind with thousands of titles available, most carry only a limited number of Christian books on tape. AudioBook Ministries, formally known as  Tape Ministries offers the faith-based books that otherwise might not be readily available to the blind and reading-disabled.

AudioBook Ministries is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. We are a non-denominational faith-based  organization which partners with churches and individuals  and other organizations.

We are glad to be a small part of the Body of Christ, providing a resource to help individuals and churches share God’s love with their disabled neighbors, and we’re grateful for the many volunteers and donors who make this ministry possible. 

Board of Directors

Gregory Thielen

Board President

Branda Milewski

Vice President

Roger Neubauer

Board Secretary

Julie Ausen

Board Treasurer

Linda Reece

Board Member

George Pettingell

Board Member


Board Member

Administration & Staff

Laurie van der Roest


Jo Etta Smith

Operations Manager & Librarian

Rebecca Kunza

Communications & Book Production Manager

George Pettingell

Board Member

George Pettingell

Board Member