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Apr 17, 2019  -  News & Updates

Help build an organization that continues to serve people who are visually impaired, blind or disabled.  With your monthly committment of just $30 you are making a difference for Audiobook Ministries five focus areas:

   1. Sustain ABM's Operation

   2. Add 55 new Audiobooks

   3. Build our Childrens and Spanish language programs

   4. Support our Patrons with our relational customer service  

   5. Reach out to Prospective patrons, such as our military families

Damien J., from Iowa stated, " I have had a positive experience when talking to the staff at Audiobook Ministries.  They have an excellent customer service that is focused on building strong relationships with patrons such as myself.  Their staff is responsive; anytime I have a question they got back to me often on the same day." 

You will know that your donation is making a powerful difference by:

   1. A monthly personal contact from the Executive Director of the powerful impacts your donation has made on our organization.  

   2. You will receive the latest news and updates as it happens. 

   3. a yearly personalized card summarizing your impact in our patron's live and on our organization. 

For more questions please contact our Executive Director at [email protected]  He will be in touch with you shortly.  Thank you for your interest in our 30 for 12 campaign.